Fr. John Ehrich Podcast

Let Us Live In Gratitude - 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time

October 12, 2019

Fr. John Ehrich relates the ideas of Sunday’s first reading and Gospel passage, drawing attention to the parallels of gratitude and healing. The outcasts depicted in the scriptures, (such as lepers, or non-Jews) display this gratitude to Christ; the ones who are least expected to show gratitude, do. They not only recognize the immensity of God within their midst, but respond with earnest and honest graciousness.

How often do we take Christ’s love and presence for granted in our lives? He explains his own experiences with this question. Certain moments remind him of this present-day goodness of God. Whether at a beautiful wedding or at the bedside for a dying young woman, Fr. Ehrich has recently experienced true gratitude among his community. He calls all of us, with full awareness of our human sufferings and frustrations, to be brought back to Christ in all that he offers. We are asked to continue to acknowledge our own blessings or circumstances and ultimately respond with gratitude.