Fr. John Ehrich Podcast

Preparing The Way - 1st Sunday of Advent

December 1, 2019

It’s Christmas time! Let the shopping and holiday events begin. As Catholics, this time of year is especially important as a time for preparation on a spiritual level, but we can only do this preparation by actually allowing ourselves to slow down, hearing Gods call to peace. St Paul asks us to not settle for the worldly expectations that constantly surround us, to not be complacent but to be always awaiting the coming of Christ. 


Can we take the time to place ourselves in the face of Jesus? What words come to mind? What would it be like? Are we living like He really exists or is he an idea? Let us not forget how quickly this life goes and how this type of season that we are in now can bring our focus elsewhere. There are many opportunities to let God back in.  Through confession, honest prayer, and quality time with God, we can remove the “cobwebs” within our own spirituality. Let us live with an urgency that calls us back to our Lord.