Fr. John Ehrich Podcast

The Power Of Invitation - 3rd Sunday In Ordinary Time

January 26, 2020

The way that scripture presents the four disciples in these readings is that, at one encounter, they drop everything in their lives and follow Jesus. At first glance, this act of leaving everything behind seems almost un-virtuous as if they abandoned their families and responsibilities. It seems like to radical of a move without further reflection. On a human level, we can probably glean what really happened - what’s more likely, is that they knew Jesus already, enough to trust him and make a conscious free decision to follow him. They were predisposed to make a commitment to someone who they most likely had grown in trust and relationship.

Invitation can be life-changing. When we ourselves don’t always stay committed to the things we want to, such as our faith life and even relationships, we can find ourselves invited in various ways to reconnect and even connect others to these areas of our lives. We cannot predict the ways that these invitations will manifest new and profound interior and exterior movements as we go forth in making decisions and self-identifying. At St Thomas More, everyone is invited and welcome. This church is not a place for the sinless, but the ones who need that constant invitation to ask for help and grow. It is a place we can also invite others and allow Jesus to take the reins. If He is a God who can do the impossible, then let us give Him a chance to do so in all of our lives.